Off-Road Discovery

Enjoy the Journey

Adventuring through life and enjoying the journey.

Off-Road Discovery is about pursing an outdoor lifestyle that takes the road less traveled both physically and metaphorically. We are a family of six, including our dog and Land Rover. Our 2001 Land Rover Discovery II allows us to explore and takes us to our destinations. Our motto is if it breaks upgrade it which has seen us through the importing of an engine from England (to Canada), multiple shocks and many more enhancements including the addition of two child car seats. We hope to inspire others in taking a road less traveled.

Land Rover Discovery Interior Upgrades and Additions

Making our adventure vehicle a little more comfy and usable

As I started to think about what we have done to the interior of our Disco 2 it didn’t seem like a lot at first. But then making a list showed me how all the little things seemed to add up.

Enjoying an off-road adventure with all of our little additions to make a more comfortable ride Enjoying some off-roading in a Land Rover Discovery

land-rover overland upgrades

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Land Rover Community Celebrates

Show & Shine in Calgary, Alberta

How many Land Rovers have you been able to see at one time? Today we got to check out over 30 Land Rover Defenders, Discoveries, Range Rovers and Classic Series. Get ready to see lots and lots of awesome Land Rovers.

Land Rover Show and Shine

Land Rover Show and Shine, great way to spend a day

land-rover overland mechanics family

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Outdoor Play for Kids - 3 Tree Themed Activities

Trees, they're everywhere - make them fun

Family outdoor adventures are about enjoying experiences together. Kids love being outdoors and free play but they sometimes need to be given guidance or ideas. We want to share our love for nature with our kids and we also want to educate on the environment around them. We like to have some activities to pull out when camping or hiking to give the kids something to do if they need some re-direction (basically stop them from doing things we don’t want them to do).

Kids Love Trees

Best Outdoor Educational Activity - Learn About Trees

family kids activity camping

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7 Best Road Trip Activities for Toddlers and Kids

Keeping kids entertained on long journeys

These are some favorite road trip ideas that hold kids attention the longest based on our experience. We have a 1 and 3 year old so keeping them happy in the car takes effort but it is possible! We have found that we need to entertain the kids more on the highway than back-country roads. The bumps and turns of the back-country are often entertainment enough; our kids like to add sound effects, sing or just relax and enjoy the ride. Use our list at your own discretion as they aren’t necessarily the most common or usual kid car activities.

Road Trip Ideas For Kids

Land Rover Discovery road trip in British Columbia Canada, beautiful views and roads

family kids camping overland

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Auxiliary Lights for Off-Roading

Don't be left in the dark

Factory lights are okay, but aftermarket lights make life brighter!

We wanted additional lights for the back-country and we are glad we did! We replaced the standard headlights, covers and added 6 more lights to the bumper.

Auxiliary Off-Road Lights

4x4 Off Road Lights

land-rover mechanics upgrades camping

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Extra Storage For Toys - 4x4 Roof Racks, Bike Racks and Ski Box

Taking more toys on the trip

Overlanding is about the journey and can be to any destination and in any vehicle. I love the unlimited and open feeling about overland adventures. Our adventures have changed over the past 4 years as we have had a family but we have made adjustments to our vehicle set up and lifestyle to accommodate our new reality. In order to go on our skiing, biking, hiking, climbing and camping adventures we need the space to carry our gear. Sometimes it is a lot of gear! We describe what racks and boxes have worked well for our vehicle and family size.

land-rover gear overland camping skiing

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Land Rover Discovery 2 Bumper, Winch and Rock Slider Upgrades

Exterior upgrades to enhance your Land Rover looks and function

We bought our 2001 Land Rover Discovery ii SE in 2011, no upgrades or accessories had been added. There are many functional upgrades to do on a Land Rover Discovery 2 that end up looking really solid (in our opinion).

Top 3 favorite Land Rover Exterior Upgrades:

  1. Bumper
  2. Winch
  3. Rock rails

Keep reading to see what worked and what didn’t.

Pup Hanging out in Land Rover with New Bumper and Winch in Canadian Rockies Land Rover Off Road

land-rover mechanics upgrades overland

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#1 Tip for Overnight Adventures with Kids

Essential for a successful + fun camping trip

Family overlanding and camping during the shoulder seasons with kids always makes me think about 1 thing in particular…

gear family kids camping overland

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Land Rover Discovery Engine Re-build and Replacement

Experience and recommendations for Discovery 2 engines

We love our Land Rover, it has become a part of our family. Our Land Rover takes us to our outdoor destinations and the drive is usually it’s own adventure. We are grateful to be able to explore with a vehicle that has the ability to get off-road and see places many people don’t have access to. Our love for our Land Rover is partially due to the sweat, blood and tears we have poured into it. The most significant issue we have had is the engine. Here is how we made our Land Rover’s heart work again.

Our Land Rover Engine

Land Rover Discovery ii Engine

land-rover mechanics upgrades overland

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