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Samsung Gear IconX Earbud Review and How to Turn Off Biometrics

How do you listen to music during workouts, biking or running? We figured out a great way after one hack.


What we like about the Gear IconX earbuds

  • Portable / Small with no wires
  • Good battery life
  • Case charges headphones when inside
  • Quite weather resistant
  • Synthetic ambient noise is very useful with touch of the side
  • Can store music natively which is good for running and exercise without phone
  • Secure fit and wind proof
  • Very good noise cancelling

What you don’t like about the Gear IconX earbuds

  • The touch function on side of the earpiece can be quite sensitive which leads to inadvertent touches which turn on or off music
  • Bio metrics sensor gets fiddly when you start to sweat which turns music off. Overcome with a small piece of duct tape on each ear piece over sensor

When we use them

  • Cycling to work on road bike
  • At home
  • On a airplane as noise cancelling is so good
  • Running
  • Working out