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We are a family that has a passion for the mountains. We enjoy the journey as much as the destination. The journey is often its own adventure thanks to our Discovery.

The Off-Road Discovery Crew

Outdoor Family sharing their Land Rover repairs and upgrades along with tips on adventuring as a family through their Off Road Discovery blog

Off-Road Discovery is about pursuing a lifestyle that takes the road less traveled. Taking the off-road paths in life often lead to a different way of seeing the world, an opportunity to meet different people and a good way to have a whole lot of fun. We are inspired daily by people’s off-road choices and hope to inspire others in taking a road less traveled every once and awhile.

Our Land Rover gives us the ability to get off the beaten path and has become part of the family. If you’ve ever owned a Land Rover you know they tend to need some extra love and care. Since our vehicle is important in getting to our adventures we have included information about the transformation of our 2001 Land Rover Discovery SE7 as well as a Off-Road Driver Training section by 4x4 instructor Paul Sinkinson.

We hope the information we provide can save you time so you can enjoy your off-road adventures just a little more.

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