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Adventuring through life and enjoying the journey.

Off-Road Discovery is about pursing an outdoor lifestyle that takes the road less traveled both physically and metaphorically. We are a family of six, including our dog and Land Rover. Our 2001 Land Rover Discovery II allows us to explore and takes us to our destinations. Our motto is if it breaks upgrade it which has seen us through the importing of an engine from England (to Canada), multiple shocks and many more enhancements including the addition of two child car seats. We hope to inspire others in taking a road less traveled.

Family Overland Camping Adventure

Adventures Don't Always Go as Planned

We love going on family adventures and head out almost every weekend both in the summer and winter. Why do we do it? To spend time together and have new experiences. In the summer we went on a trip to an area new to us that allows off-roading and has free camping. We went with our friends that know the area well and own a very awesome customized Jeep. We had three kids under 5 and 2 dogs along for the ride. We left after work Friday thinking we’d make it to a known camping spot but of course things didn’t happen as plan - they rarely do! To some people not knowing where you are going to set up camp in the wilderness with young kids as it’s getting dark sounds stressful, to us this is just part of the adventure.

First nights camp

Land Rover Discovery 2 with iKamper camping setup

overland camping kids

the reality of family overlanding adventures...

Skid Plates for Off-Roading

Protecting the Land Rover Underbody with Armor

We decided to give our Land Rover Discovery extra protection with custom made skid plates. While off-roading we have had tree logs barely miss puncturing our gas tank and rocks dent our transmission pan. It was time to better protect ourselves while adventuring and when we often only have ourselves to rely on.

Checking Out the New Custom Skid Plates at the Shop

Land Rover Discovery Custom Skid Plates -  work done by ProActive Automotive Shop in Calgary, Alberta

land-rover upgrades mechanics

vehicle skid plates...

Panhard Rod / Track Bar Kit Conversion from Watts Linkage

The 2nd Best Modification We Have Done to Our Land Rover Discovery 2 (Engine is #1)

Does anyone know what a Watts Linkage is or what it does? Is it better than a Panhard Rod? What is a Panhard Rod? (chuckle)

We are not going to explain how these two pieces of equipment function (we will provide awesome resources that do) but we can tell you from firsthand experience the difference in how they feel and comparison of their durability.

Newly Installed Panhard Rod

Panhard Rod / Track Bar Kit Conversion from Watts Linkage on a Land Rover Discovery

land-rover overland mechanics upgrades

watts linkage replacement...

Overland External Modifications and Add-ons

Our Adventure Mobile Set-up

We have recently added some additions to the exterior of our Land Rover and love them! Modifications and additions to a vehicle are personal and vary for need and personal taste. We get pretty excited when we find things that make our life easier and make us happy so we want to share our add-ons in case it helps you find what you’re looking for. Within a very short period of time we added a High Lift Jack, ARB Awning, iKamper Roof Top Tent, Ladder, Shovel, Fuel and H20 Rotopax canisters.

Land Rover Discovery External Modifications and Add-ons, from Off-Road Discovery

land-rover upgrades overland

upgrade ideas for overland vehicles...

60,000km Update on Turner Engineering Engine

How our Land Rover Discovery Engine Re-build and Replacement is Running Now

After replacing our stock 4.0 L Bosch engine for a 4.6 L Turner Engineering Rover V8 with a high performance Kent cam shaft, ported and polished heads, top hatted liners, upgraded 4.6 intake, ECU tune from Mark Adams at Tornado Systems and new Safari Snorkel we have hit the 60,000 km mark!

Old Vehicle, New Engine, Endless of Fun

Land Rover Discovery 2 Upgrades and Adventures

land-rover mechanics upgrades

our observations and insights at the 60,000km mark...

iKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent

Why Camping in Our Own Tree House is the Best

We recently bought a roof top tent for our Land Rover Discovery to camp in with our two kids. Since we got it we have been asked by so many people what a roof top tent is, how we all fit in it and why we choose it. With so many people asking we thought we would write it down and share.

iKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent

iKamper, the easiest roof top tent to set up

camping land-rover gear overland

why our family loves our roof top tent...

Diagnosing Knocking Noise from Front End of Land Rover Discovery 2

Failed Shock

We heard the knocking noise best when driving in our back alley, slowly on the bumpy road. We also heard it well when driving high speeds on a hwy hitting the fine bumps of the pavement. The knocking sounded sort of like a chirping noise. We thought it was coming from the suspension, now we just had to figure out if we were right.

Mechanics in Training - Always Ready to Help

Land Rover Mechanics in Training

land-rover mechanics

diagnosing shock, springs, track rods and other things that knock...

Enter to Win a Onya Baby Nexstep Carrier

#AdventureWithThemOnya #WearThemOnya

We love our Onya Baby Nexstep Carrier and everyone else that we’ve talked to who has one has loved theirs too! The carrier has helped make adventuring with young kids so much easier. To help another family get out on more adventures we are giving away one of these awesome carriers. The closing date for entries ends on February 15th 2018 so don’t miss out.

Enter to win an Onya Baby Nexstep carrier by Off-Road Discovery

kids gear

enter to win...

Outdoor Winter Adventures with a Toddler

Onya Baby Nexstep Child Carrier Review #AventureWithTheOnya #WearThemOnya

“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.” – Thomas Berry

Winter adventures with kids and how to make it happen

Winter can be a challenging season for anyone. Add small kids to the mix and getting out can seem daunting if not impossible at times. Just like many aspects of life with kids making a routine can make it easier to get outside in the cold and snow. I’ll be honest, we aren’t hard core into routines but implementing a few outdoor focused routines has made getting outside easier on the parents (therefore easier on the kids).

gear skiing hiking kids

how to make an outdoor winter routine...

Downhill Skiing with Kids under 5

How to Have the Most Fun Possible Skiing With Kids under 5

Our favorite winter activity is skiing. Before we had kids we would be back-country touring every weekend or the spending the day at one of the many ski resorts around us. We are fortunate and enjoyed having many friends with the same passion for skiing as us so we were in total skiing bliss for years. Then our world changed and we were the first of our ski friends to have a kid. We were crazy excited to become parents but after our daughter was born we wondered how we were going to include the newest member of our family in our winter passion. Winter = skiing so we wanted to figure out how to make baby + winter = skiing (with everyone having fun).

Start them young…

Start Them Young: Off-Road Discovery Tips on Skiing with Kids

family kids skiing

tips and gear for ski kids...