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Off-Road Discovery is about pursing an outdoor lifestyle that takes the road less traveled both physically and metaphorically. We are a family of six, including our dog and Land Rover. Our 2001 Land Rover Discovery II allows us to explore and takes us to our destinations. Our motto is if it breaks upgrade it which has seen us through the importing of an engine from England (to Canada), multiple shocks and many more enhancements including the addition of two child car seats. We hope to inspire others in taking a road less traveled.

Land Rover Discovery 2 - Air Suspension

How to Use

Land Rover Discovery’s are well known for their Air Suspension which works with the Land Rover Self Leveling Suspension (SLS) system. Love it or hate it, if you have air suspension you will want to know how to use it.

Controls for Air Suspension and Next Generation Driver

Land Rover Discovery Suspension Controls

land-rover 4x4

how to use D2 Air Suspension...

Guidelines to Driving on Snow and Ice

Interesting Stuff Snow!

Interesting stuff Snow!

If I may, I’ll start this article off with a bit of humour as it hopefully will bring folks a better understanding of Snow and Ice.

I first came across the “White Stuff” in the late 1940’s the morning after one of the UK’s major blizzards. A family member was all excited to show it to me. I stood in awe as they opened the front door and they were shouting something that to me sounded like “Dwift” – Look, a big “Dwift.” Towering above me the full height of the door-frame was this large “Dwift” of the stuff. I stuck out my hand and had my first lesson about Snow; sometimes it has no support strength. It all fell in through the doorway and buried me; didn’t take much to do that as I was only 2 years old at the time.

What is All This White Stuff??

Kids and Snow

4x4 skiing overland

techniques on how to drive in snow...

Why Sign Up for a Women's Ski Clinic

Badass Women Instructing Women to be Badass Skiers

I started downhill skiing in my early twenties, fast forward 10+ years and I now consider myself a confident skier that LOVES the sport. Starting a new activity as an adult can be intimidating, especially if you are trying to start a sport that your spouse or friends are already proficient in. I truly believe if you have the interest and take some time that you’ll end with a positive outcome. ‘Never stop learning’ doesn’t only apply to what is written in books but also what we can do with our bodies.

I have participated in a few different women’s only ski camps and this is what I learned…

Women Ski Hard


learn more about women's ski camps ...

Land Rover Discovery 2 Automatic & Manual Guidelines

Learn How to Best Use ABS, TC and HDC

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) - Traction Control (TC) - Hill Descent Control (HDC)

The Land Rover Discovery 2 comes with ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS), TRACTION CONTROL (TC) and HILL DESCENT CONTROL (HDC) as Standard.

This content was developed by and owned by Paul Sinkinson, Xplorability owner. Paul is a 4wd Defensive Driver Training Consultant/Trainer and Programme Developer.

Land Rover Discovery 2 ABS, TC and HDC Guidelines

4x4 land-rover overland

learn more about Discovery 2 ABS, TC and HDC...

6 Tips For Families Looking To Start Skiing or Snowboarding

Things to Know Before Hitting the Slopes

We love to ski! It is safe to say it is our favorite activity and we have loved introducing our kids (now 2 and 4) to life at a ski hill. We want to pass along our top 6 tips to help introduce skiing or snowboarding to families.

Kids waiting their turn to hit the slopes

Ski Kids

Tips for families with young kids looking to enjoy wintersports

family kids skiing

what you need to know before family skiing...

2017 Favorite Outdoor Gear for Overland Adventures

Top 10 favorite items we take on all of our off-road adventures

We don’t shop often but when we do we enjoy researching, reading reviews and buying quality. We are not sponsored by any of the items listed, they are all things we truly love, use and recommend. If you are looking for gifts for hard-to-buy-for outdoors people, these are great ideas to check out.

Geared up and ready for adventure

Gear we love for adventures in our Land Rover

family camping hiking gear

10 great gift ideas for an outdoors person...

Beginners Guide To Off-Roading

Top 8 Things To Know When Leaving The Pavement For The First Time

Everyone has a first time for everything. We belong to several overland, off-road and Land Rover community groups and many people involved seem well seasoned off-roading. There will always be the newbies, just like we were, that haven’t yet left the pavement but would like to. So we are going to take away the need of asking these possibly intimidating groups for advice and just tell you what we think you need to know before you go.

land-rover overland

what to know, what to take

Shakin’ When You’re Brakin’

Fixing Your Track Rod

After some recent off-road trips and backcountry camping, we noticed we were getting a shake in the the steering wheel when back on the highway. This was happening when pumping the brakes to keep them cool. If we braked at high speed but maintained even pressure on the brakes peddle we didn’t get any shakes. Based on these symptoms we felt confident that our brakes weren’t warped and causing the shaking. We had also just replaced all of the brake parts including stainless steel brake lines as well as re-building each caliber. So if it isn’t the brakes what is it?

Making Sure We Keep Our Disco Running Smooth

Land Rover Discovery

land-rover overland mechanics

the cause and how to fix...

Teaching Kids to Swim in Lakes

Tips on teaching your kids to swim while having fun outside

So you keep to going to lakes with your kids but they don’t know how to swim. How do you get them started? Here’s a step by step guide on how to introduce young children to swimming in lakes. Both of us were swim instructors, we believe swimming is an important skill for everyone and a fun way to spend time out doors.

These Kids Love Mountain Lakes and Only Know Cold Water

Banff National Park

camping family kids

teaching kids to swim...

inReach and Spot Satellite Communicators Comparison and Review

Do you have a Plan B for in the Backcountry?

How many drives have you done where you have been out of cell service? What would you do if you had a catastrophic engine failure or medical emergency? This is a question we have thought about more than once. If you’re in or near to a city with a busy road, it’s less of an issue - there are lots of people you can flag down to ask for help. But what if you are truly on your own?

Many of the highways we frequent have large stretches without cell service. Almost all backcountry roads we travel have no cell service and few people. Then of course there is climbing, mountain biking, hiking and backcountry skiing endeavors again with spotty or no service and even harder to reach areas if in need of help. Combining these ideas with the fact we own a Land Rover Discovery, which has us keenly aware of possible debilitating mechanical failures, we thought it wise to invest in a GPS based personal communication device. Note: This is a non-sponsored review - we are sharing our opinions base on using them as a paying customer.

Updated September 28, 2017 with review of Google’s Trusted Contacts a free and easy way for everyone to have a Plan B communication device while out of cell range.

We discuss SPOT, inReach and Google’s Trusted Contacts

SPOT vs inReach comparison and review

camping hiking overland gear

satellite communications device review...