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Affordable Camping Fridge Setup for Families

Review of Aplicool Fridge, EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station and EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel



Keeping food cool let alone cold in the summer is a challenge while camping. Soggy food from melting water, the space ice takes up in a cooler, keeping meat cold enough to be okay to eat are challenges we would come up with.

We started talking about getting a car fridge YEARS before we got one. They are a very big expense we couldn’t justify, especially when the car fridge, battery and solar panels required were all over $1500 each.

Time went on and two things changed. Prices lowered due to competition in the market and other brands started producing similar products. We decided we likely weren’t ever going to stop camping or buy a trailer so getting this luxury item we really wanted would make more sense to invest in now and enjoy longer than hold off till later in life.

We did a ton of research on car firdges, talked to friends with them and talked to friends that used batterys and solar for both pleasure and work. Getting a fridge, battery and solar that makes sense for your needs is a puzzle you need to spend some time on. Hopefully our set up can take away some of this time.

We camp anywhere from 1 night to 12 nights in a row. On the longer trips we will always be traveling between detinations but will never have a power source outside of our vehicle and solar. We knew we wanted a battery that could last up to 3 nights before needing a charge, and we never wanted the battery to run so low it would go out in this situation.

We decided on the Alpicool 50L Fridge and EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable Charging Station based on reviews, understanding of the size of power source we wanted, size of inside of fridge and price point.


Our setup includes: Alpicool 50L Fridge

  • I couldn’t find any of our exact version in stock anywhere, the link I inluded appears to take you to the newer version
  • Our family of 4 fills the 50L fridge for 3+ nights
  • A smaller fridge would be okay if you only camp on weekends and don’t take as much fresh food
  • The wheels are less important than we thought, it is VERY heavy when full but we can both lift it

EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable Charging Station

  • We pre-charge in our house before we put it in our vehicle
  • We can easily run the fridge for a weekend without needing to charge
  • Easy to use, plug in phones, check status, we use the app to check it via our phones

EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel

  • Solar panel is large but it takes a lot of sun and hours to charge the power station, we often are in trees and mountains so getting full sun isn’t always possible - we are very happy with the size
  • We keep the panel in our roof-top tent when traveling and in our back seat when not using
  • It’s flat travel case helps make it easy to move around but it is big and heavy

EcoFlow Solar Panel on 2016 Toyota Sequoia

Video of Fridge and Battery