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Camping Emergency and Life Happens Kits

Tips to cover Scraped knees, Tent Puking to Actual Emergencies while Family Camping



Camping and overland trips as a family requires some extra thought and items. And we aren’t talking about teddy bears and snacks. You need all the regular first aid kit items plus kid specifics, we listed all the extras we bring below. We didn’t forget about your animal adventure companions either.

Emergency and Non-Emergency Kit Packing List for the Whole Family

We have separated items between two main categories Emergency and Life. Those ‘life happens’ moments from unknown rashes to kids poop where it shouldn’t be isn’t an emergency but does require some handy items to not leave you in a mess.

Kid’s Life Kit

We keep these items separate from our main first aid kit, most of them are part of the kids toiletries bag because we pull these items out frequently.

  • Child Advil and/or Tylenol

  • Child Allergy Medication

  • Eye drops

  • Tweezers

  • Thermometer

  • Prescription Meds and/or Epi Pen: anything your doctor gives you

  • Band aids: we spurge for fun ones sometimes or draw a smiley face on regular ones. These small things often turn that frown upside down quickly.

  • Antibiotic cream: such as Polysporin

  • Anti-itch cream

  • Bug Spray

  • Sun Screen

  • Wet wipes: anti-bacterial or not. Or a cloth and soap but sometimes that is a pain to get ready.

  • Poop bags: ya know it happens and sometimes not by a toilet and not where you can dig a hole. You pick up your dogs’, you sometimes have to pick up your kids. Oh the glamorous life of pooping outdoors.

  • Bucket or Tupperware: aka a puke catcher. Knowing you have something to catch it in is a tent / trailer saver. We just use a sand pail when needed, and it has been needed!

Life Kit

We call this list our Life Kit, no emergency required but we can’t live without. We carry these items with us for day trips or multi-night trips.

  • Knife : we have many knives and multi-tools. They all get used.
  1. Off-road Mama always carries a swiss army multi-tool and small one blade. The small one blade is used constantly to cut cucmber, cheese, etc. Hey that’s life. I keep them in my bags.
  2. Off-road Dad carries a letherman squirt and a larger blade.
  3. We always have a fixed blade – mora and cold steel bushman (kitchen knife / makes use feel like we could do hand battle with a wild animal haha).
  • Flashlights

  • Headlamps: one for each person including kids

  • Satellite Communication Device: we have the inReach and have written up some info here

  • Lighter / matches

  • Toilet paper / Facial Tissue

  • Lip balm: no one likes chapped lips

  • Sunglasses

  • Wallet with CASH: camping or overlanding in less populated areas and need something. Don’t expect a debit machine at every road side stop.

  • Knife, fork and spoon

  • Toothpaste and brushes

  • Paper and pen/pencil

  • Fire starter or paper

  • Sunscreen / Bug Spray

  • Small scissors

  • Garbage bag or large ziplock baggie for garbage

First Aid / Emergency Kit

There are many awesome First Aid kits you can purchase online or at your local outdoor store. Do some research and check out what’s in your price range and required for your family. Think of worst case to best case scenario. Also consider where you adventure; do you camp close to help, are you in cell range, etc. Most emergency kits don’t take up much space and are an insurance policy; you hope to never use. Put a reminder in your phone to check it each year to make sure your needs haven’t changed, what has expired and items that need to be replenished. You can do this more often of course but enter a reminder now so you don’t forget.

Other things we add to our First Aid Kit: Hydration/electrolyte tabs and chamomile lotion for bug bites or allergic reaction

First Aid Kit for Pets

Do you travel with a dog or another pet? Did you know there are pet specific emergency kits available? If it’s something you might be interested in check out the options. We don’t have one but we carry a few specific items for our dog.

  • Nail cutters

  • Muzzle: for just-in-case situations

  • Dog pain meds

Don’t forget to de-worm and be aware of animal hazards. Do tick checks on you and your pets often!

Create your own kits that you take everywhere with you, keep them in the same bag so you can grab and go. You will likely pack some different items due to your specific needs and it will likely change overtime. We are always adding and taking away items as our kids grow and our needs change. Be prepared and be safe!