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Kids Burton Step On Snowboard Boots & Bindings

Tips, Review and the Step Ons in Action


To Buy Kid Step On Bindings or Not?

Our 8 year old son has skied since he could stand, this year he wanted to snowboard. Originally I said no - more gear to buy and the kids are now at a level we can all ski the whole mountain together. Selfishly I did not want to go back to the learning stage.

Fortunately, passion won over practicality. He now almost exclusively snowboards, is as fast as he was skiing and transitioned to Burton Step On Bindings which made him quicker with his gear. Here’s how we arrived at the decision and to pay for Step On. If price is no object, no need to read further just buy them.

Kids Burton Step On Bindings

Skip reading and watch the video: Kids Burton Step On Bindings

We had a small Burton snowboard we got when the kids were toddlers and would play with it on the bunny hill and take it tobogganing. Great for the toddlers, not big enough for our 8 year old. We bought a 100cm Grom Burton Snowboard, we looked on Kijiji and Facebook marketplace but couldn’t find the size we wanted. So we bought new - all youth Burton snowboards can be seen here. We found used boots at a local second-hand sport store.

We took the bindings off the tiny snowboard and put it on the new one. It was janky, as my husband called it, but it got him on a ski resort and although it was a challenging learning curve our son was ecstatic about this new sport. He only skied when we pushed him too and told us he only wanted to snowboard. Well, the janky bindings had to go and Christmas was around the corner so we decided it was time to get “real” bindings. My husband took up snowboarding this year as well after skiing his whole life, first to support our son but is now exclusively riding his snowboard and hasn’t strapped on skis once this season. My husband started on a used board but decided he loved it so bought a nicer setup and got Step On bindings. After he tried Step On bindings he knew if we were to invest in bindings for our son it would be Step On.

Why we went with Step On:

  • Easier: My son struggled with the strap on the bindings taking off his gloves or asking for help. I didn’t see this changing over the season. Taking off gloves is never a good idea when it’s freezing out.
  • Faster: You literally step into the bindings, kind of like ski bindings, clip the back and the toes.
  • Independence: Our son requires zero support getting in and out of his bindings. He can also clip one foot out without bending down to push on flats or to get back on a lift.
  • They will last for years and for different size boards: This goes for strap bindings too. The size small youth bindings fit with a youth 3-7 size boot. More about our sizing tip below.

Snowboarding at 8 years old


  • The sizing of the Step On boots seems true to size.
  • With that said we didn’t want to buy the Grom that goes to size 2, we wanted something that would last pretty much forever ha.
  • Our son is a size 13 shoe…that’s right…I say 1 in the video but really he fits in a size 13 runner and a size 1 winter boot.
  • We bought a size 3 youth boot to go with the bigger bindings, we went to a ski shop and got some cardboard insoles to eat up space and ta da - no issues. The lacing system ties him in tight and he feels good in the boots.


  • I can’t think of a negative thing to say
  • They are easy to use
  • Fast to use
  • Cost more but in our case the functionality out ways the price

We ski/snowboard at a resort about 30 times a season. That’s pretty much every weekend the resort is open plus extra days around holidays or if it snows so much we take a day off work and school. Investing in good gear is more important to us than going out for dinner or buying new TVs. For our family we all like the Step On system. USA find Burton Step On Bindings Here, in Canada - Find the Here.

Happy shredding everyone.

Kid snowboaring on Grom Burton Snowboard with Step Ons