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Outdoor Winter Adventures with a Toddler

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“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.” – Thomas Berry

Winter adventures with kids and how to make it happen

Winter can be a challenging season for anyone. Add small kids to the mix and getting out can seem daunting if not impossible at times. Just like many aspects of life with kids making a routine can make it easier to get outside in the cold and snow. I’ll be honest, we aren’t hard core into routines but implementing a few outdoor focused routines has made getting outside easier on the parents (therefore easier on the kids).

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Downhill Skiing with Kids under 5

How to Have the Most Fun Possible Skiing With Kids under 5

Our favorite winter activity is skiing. Before we had kids we would be back-country touring every weekend or the spending the day at one of the many ski resorts around us. We are fortunate and enjoyed having many friends with the same passion for skiing as us so we were in total skiing bliss for years. Then our world changed and we were the first of our ski friends to have a kid. We were crazy excited to become parents but after our daughter was born we wondered how we were going to include the newest member of our family in our winter passion. Winter = skiing so we wanted to figure out how to make baby + winter = skiing (with everyone having fun).

Start them young…

Start Them Young: Off-Road Discovery Tips on Skiing with Kids

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Guidelines to Driving on Snow and Ice

Interesting Stuff Snow!

Interesting stuff Snow!

If I may, I’ll start this article off with a bit of humour as it hopefully will bring folks a better understanding of Snow and Ice.

I first came across the “White Stuff” in the late 1940’s the morning after one of the UK’s major blizzards. A family member was all excited to show it to me. I stood in awe as they opened the front door and they were shouting something that to me sounded like “Dwift” – Look, a big “Dwift.” Towering above me the full height of the door-frame was this large “Dwift” of the stuff. I stuck out my hand and had my first lesson about Snow; sometimes it has no support strength. It all fell in through the doorway and buried me; didn’t take much to do that as I was only 2 years old at the time.

What is All This White Stuff??

Kids and Snow

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Why Sign Up for a Women's Ski Clinic

Badass Women Instructing Women to be Badass Skiers

I started downhill skiing in my early twenties, fast forward 10+ years and I now consider myself a confident skier that LOVES the sport. Starting a new activity as an adult can be intimidating, especially if you are trying to start a sport that your spouse or friends are already proficient in. I truly believe if you have the interest and take some time that you’ll end with a positive outcome. ‘Never stop learning’ doesn’t only apply to what is written in books but also what we can do with our bodies.

I have participated in a few different women’s only ski camps and this is what I learned…

Women Ski Hard


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6 Tips For Families Looking To Start Skiing or Snowboarding

Things to Know Before Hitting the Slopes

We love to ski! It is safe to say it is our favorite activity and we have loved introducing our kids (now 2 and 4) to life at a ski hill. We want to pass along our top 6 tips to help introduce skiing or snowboarding to families.

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Ski Kids

Tips for families with young kids looking to enjoy wintersports

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Explore Canada’s Backcountry Wilderness

Get off the beaten path, explore the outdoors through backcountry huts

We frequently meet people that are wanting to start overnight backcountry trips and everyone immediately correlates overnight trips with camping. Backcountry camping provides freedom and unlimited possibilities, but also requires gear, experience and possibly a companion to have a safe and enjoyable experience. When I talk to these eager adventurers our conversations always end up on sharing a new idea on how to explore the backcountry and I’ve been surprised how few people even know about this option - I’m talking about huts. If people are aware of huts they often haven’t gone because they don’t know what to expect. To answer all of your hut questions here is who should go, where to go, what to expect, what to bring and why you will want to go!

Explore Canada’s Wilderness Through Beautiful Backcountry Huts

Backcountry Huts Canada

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Extra Storage For Toys - 4x4 Roof Racks, Bike Racks and Ski Box

Taking more toys on the trip

Overlanding is about the journey and can be to any destination and in any vehicle. I love the unlimited and open feeling about overland adventures. Our adventures have changed over the past 4 years as we have had a family but we have made adjustments to our vehicle set up and lifestyle to accommodate our new reality. In order to go on our skiing, biking, hiking, climbing and camping adventures we need the space to carry our gear. Sometimes it is a lot of gear! We describe what racks and boxes have worked well for our vehicle and family size.

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