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Land Rover Discovery Auxiliary Lights for Off-Roading

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Factory lights are okay, but aftermarket lights make life brighter!

We wanted additional lights for the back-country and we are glad we did! We replaced the standard headlights, covers and added 6 more lights to the bumper.

Auxiliary Off-Road Lights

4x4 Off Road Lights

Replace Standard Headlights

We installed aftermarket HID (high-intensity discharge) headlights in the standard light housing. Wow these are bright…keep reading on what we did so we didn’t blind drivers in the day time.

Auxiliary Lighting

If you are upgrading your lights you may also be upgrading our bumper. That was our first step. After we installed our custom steal bumper, then we decided to go with Hamsar lights.

Two Spots

  • Positioned in front connected to the high beams so they both go on together when the high beams are engaged.
  • Like - the spots are very bright and not that big on the front of the truck.
  • Issue - the seal on one of the spots has started to lead causing moisture to get inside the lens over winter.
  • Issue - they don’t come with safety bolts and can be stolen quite easily (luckily hasn’t happened to us but has to a friend)
  • Solution - we will likely open the light and re-seal and we may look into security bolts and locking nuts.

Two Floods

  • Positioned on the inside of the headlights which are pointing towards the side of the road.
  • Like - these give great peripheral vision for going around corners in the woods or for spotting deer / animal eyes on the side of the road while driving.
  • Like - nice broad lighting which is good in the woods and forestry roads.

Two Additional Lights for Daytime Running Lights

  • Added the bumper when the aftermarket HID headlights were installed. The aftermarket HIDs that were installed were so bright that these additional lower lumen lights were added to be used as daytime running lights so we did not blind people while driving in the city.

Headlight covers

We added Land Rover accessory plastic clear headlight covers to protect from rocks and road debris.