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Tuff Stuff vs iKamper Rooftop Tents

Compare Tuff Stuff Overland Alpha and iKamper Skycamp Rooftop Tents


iKamper and Tuff Stuff Roof Top Tent Comparison

Size of the tent when closed

iKamper is sleeker. Tuff Stuff is shaped like a rectangle and the iKamper is aerodynamic. The size isn’t that big of a deal, don’t expect to fit into underground parking garages with a truck and tent on top.

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Ease to attach to roof

Similar. We put the iKamper on upgraded bars, our friends gots a roof rack to attach too - which seems a little more finicky than bars. We helped put on the Tuff Stuff and the placement of the screws is just a little tougher but still easy enough. Both tents require either a pulley system to put on or 2-3 strong people to lift up, they aren’t too heavy but ackward. No one wants to scratch a vehicle putting a tent on. iKamper Skycamp weighs 160 lbs and Tuff Stuff Alpha weighs 176 lbs.

Ease to open

Similiar. They both take minutes to open and set up. The more you do it the easier it gets.

Ease to close

iKamper wins (barely and personal opinion). I personally prefer the locking / closing mechanisms on the outside.

Sleeping size

iKamper Skycamp is a bigger sleeping space, truly fits 4 people. The Tuff Stuff Overland Alpha fits 3 comfortably but will be a little cozier with 4. We estimate it’s about a foot narrower. Both have similar headspace.

Tent vestibule

Tuff Stuff is slightly bigger. We bought a bigger version if we know it will be raining.


iKamper has 3 panel options, Tuff Stuff has 2. iKamper has a clear plastic panel, screen and black out. Tuff Stuff has screen and black out.


iKamper has one, Tuff Stuff doesn’t. The iKamper skylight has a clear screen so you can see out or let light in. Both have skylights on the tent but only iKamper has a window to see out of on the fly.

Black out

iKamper is darker inside with everything zipped.


Tuff Stuff wins! Our iKamper didn’t come with any lights, Tuff Stuff has them inside and out. We think this is extremely helpful. Headlamps work but lights on the tent are definitely useful.


Both have held up in rain, snow, wind, and sun. I think the iKamper can handle intense wind without as much movement (not lifting the leg area). We have had both tents in the most insane wind you would find in Canada. Neither collapsed so that’s something! Neither leaks or has needed repairs.


Tuff Stuff is cheaper. 2022 price of a Tuff Stuff Overland Alpha (3+ person) $3000 USD, iKamper Skycamp 4 person $3700 USD. This doesn’t include shipping and any add-ons you want. Sometimes you can get free shipping or pick it up from a warehouse.

Walk through of the tents

Hope this helps you choose the right roof-top tent for you. There are many more options to look at such as Thule.

For more details on these roof top tent brands check out their websites, iKamper, Tuff Stuff, and Thule.

Tuff Stuff vs iKamper