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Scavenger hunts and nature bingo to keep kids busy while camping



Adventuring with kids can look different everyday. We enjoy getting to remote back-country places but we also enjoy slow days at home. No matter where we end up playing we spend a large amount of time outside. We don’t incorporate structured play in all of our adventures but we try to have games to pull out for the kids if needed. They are also fun to share with new friends when camping. These games can keep a whole group of different aged kids engaged and working together.

Below are 3 easy games to engage kids in the nature. The games offer an opportunity to talk to kids about what they observe around them. Pull them out next time you are hiking or camping.

Kids love exploring nature and scavenger hunts provide an element of excitement

Outdoor activities for kids - try a rainbow scavenger hunt, great for preschool age kids

Outdoor Nature Treasure Hunt

Activity Materials

  • Pail or bag
  • Pen to mark off the list (optional)

What You Do

  • Provide a list of items to find, adjust the list to the environment around you
  • Tell the kids to only pick items off the ground
  • For older kids you can time the treasure hunt to see how fast they can find items

Treasure Hunt List

Outdoor Nature Treasure Hunt - great for camping, hiking or a picnic at a park. Small size for small hands.

Pail in hand and ready to search for treasures

Ready for a treasure hunt

Colour Scavenger Hunt

Our daughter calls these rainbow scavenger hunts. They are simple and can be independently completed by toddlers and still enjoyed by older kids. Make your own on the go with markers or print off a copy to bring. Having the kids make the colour scavenger hunt is an activity to enjoy as well! This is a great outdoor activity but it can also be used as a rainy day activity inside.

Outdoor rainbow / colour scavenger hunt in progress

Outdoor rainbow scavenger hunt, easy to make at home or on the go

Activity Materials

  • Scavenger Hunt sheet so the kids can follow the colours on the sheet to find
  • Pail (optional only if you are collecting items)

What You Do

  • Provide a colour scavenger hunt sheet for the child to use to find matching coloured items
  • Outdoors have kids pick items off the ground that match the colours
  • Use as an eye spy type game, our preschool aged daughter likes this game in the car too
  • Use in the house on a rainy day and have the kids find matching items

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt - great outside and inside activity for preschool age

Nature Bingo

Activity Materials

  • Bingo card, print off or make your own
  • Crayon or marker

What You Do

  • Mark of the items as you find them
  • If there are lots of kids split into teams
  • No need to pick items up or keep them, this is a seek and find game

Nature Bingo for kids

Nature bingo game for kids, great for camping and hiking

Get outside and have fun!