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Outdoor Activities for Kids During Social Distancing

Utilize your private yard and community green spaces



Covid-19 doesn’t mean being indoors all the time for everyone. If you have a private yard, safe streets and parks to visit utilize them. There are many studies about the profound positive effects of the outdoors on people so with the increased stress around Covid-19 don’t forget to breathe in some fresh air. 

Outdoor activities for kids during social distancing, Covid-19

Make your own decisions depending on where you live these are just ideas. Let the kids get messy and have some fun while home from school, even if it means in the bathtub!

Having kids may get your creative juices flowing on how to burn off the energy while the schools are closed but don’t forget to also get exercise as adults!

9 Kid Outdoor Activity Inspirations During Covid-19 Social Distancing

1. Make an Outdoor Kitchen

Use anything from used yogurt containers to muffin trays. Add food colouring to snow or use dirt and water to make mud pies.

2. Get Soapy

Blow bubbles, wash teddies and doll clothes. Never underestimate kids desire to wash things when they don’t have too. If you have a rope and clothespins after they wash the toys in a big bucket have them hang them to dry. Too cold outside? Do it in the tub. Kids can be in it too! 

3. Create Hanging Art

If it’s cold put water in a container and add items from the yard or park and freeze them with a string hanging out, they make beautiful decorations that melt as it gets warmer. If it’s too warm to freeze water glue or wrap found treasures to make hanging ornaments. 

4. Spray Bottle Art

Grab an old spray bottle, add food colouring to water and spray the snow. No snow? Just add water to spray wood fences, plants and even each other! 

5. Measure Everything

Grab a measuring tape and measure plants, toys, each other. If they are old enough have them guess the size then write down the actual length.

6. Bang or Build Something

Take out the tools, a hammer and screwdriver will do. Kids love to bang, screw and jab. Use scrap wood or strong cardboard boxes. It doesn’t have to turn into an object, just let the kids explore with tools, screws, nails, even golf tees will work on a cardboard box.  

7. Use Your 5 Senses

Grab a journal or discuss what are 5 things you can hear, see, touch, smell and is there anything safe to taste?  

8. Take a Hike

Hike, walk, run, bike, scooter, x-country ski or skate around your neighborhood or surrounding area. Go for a dog walk, they still need exercise too!

9. Good O’l Fun

What did you do as a kid? Jump rope, draw with chalk, use a magnifying glass, cut grass with scissors, play catch, kick a ball, play in a sandbox, build a snowman, play with cars, bring Lego outside, the options are limitless. If you can do it inside, you can probably do most things on a tiny deck!

Stay safe, sane and have some fun!

Outdoor activities for kids, all you need is a small place and household items