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Land Rover Discovery 2 Winter Driving

Let's get some snow under those tires



Winter is the longest season in Canada so learning to drive and enjoy winter conditions will make the season something to look forward to instead of hide from.

2001 Modified Land Rover Discovery 2 Winter Driving

Land Rover Discovery 2 Winter Driving Compilation - Inspiration to Get Outside and Play

How to Tackle the Snow and Ice?

Before you head out read these articles by Paul Sinkinson, Off-Road Driving Trainer. Winter driving usually means reduced traction and visability - take the time to learn how to best handle winter conditions.

Guidelines to Driving on Snow and Ice

How to Use Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) - Traction Control (TC) - Hill Descent Control (HDC)

How to 4x4 Through Mud and Ruts

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Don’t forget your chains, tracks, winter gear, food water, Sat phone, tools and more!

Safe travels everyone!