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How To Use 4WD Low Off-Roading

Leaving the pavement? Get more grip with 4WD low!

Are you going off-road? Are there hills or big holes?

If you are leaving a paved road, going on steep inclines, over rocks, through holes, or any undulations that require intricate slow maneuvers to drive through you should have a vehicle with four-wheel-drive (4x4, 4WD) and a Low Range Transfer Case and know how to use it.

Taking The Path Less Traveled in 4WD Low Range

Land Rover Discovery 4WD Low and how to use it

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Learn when and how to use 4WD low...

Our Adventure Mobile

Enjoy your ride

I (wife/mother of Off-road Discovery) would not categorize myself as a ‘car’ person. I’ll admit I know more than I ever thought I would about engines, tires, diffs, and how to use a winch but all of this education happened after I met my husband. He’s a walking vehicle encyclopedia. I give my dad credit for teaching me how to change tires - winters to summers and visa versa since the start of high school till every year until I moved out. I thought it was to make sure I never got stuck with a flat I couldn’t change, but now I think he was on to a very clever use of child labour. I’m remembering that one for my own kids, thanks dad!

Our Adventure Mobile

Land Rover Discovery Camping

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How to Build a Bed and Shelving System in a 4x4 Vehicle

Extra storage and a place to sleep

Sleeping in your vehicle is convenient and adds an element of safety. We used to sleep in our Discovery 2 all the time pre-kids, we didn’t have the money to spend on a pre-built shelving, bedding and drawer system so we made our own. It’s not fancy but it works great! We don’t use the bed system as often but we use the shelf (half bed) regularly. We have made a list of what you need from your local hardwood store and steps on how to make your own bed and/or storage system.

DIY Storage and Bed System

DIY Land Rover Storage and Bed System

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Top Picks for Off-Road Tires and Wheels

Where the rubber hits the road

We drive a lot, both on pavement, snow and dirt. Our vehicles offer us the opportunities to experience different places as well as quiet time together. They help fulfill our goal in life which is to spend as much times as possible as a family pursing outdoor activities such as skiing, camping, hiking, climbing and swimming in mountain lakes.

Our vehicles are used both off-road and for highway driving so we needed to choose a tire that would perform well on pavement and terrain. Choosing the right tire for you is a personal choice but there are some products that are just made better. We are sharing our preferences to hopefully make your decision easier.

Testing Off-Road Driving Skills and Tires

Need more than good driving skills to get through this! Favorite tires that perform well for off-road and highway driving are Nokian, hands down the best we have had on several vehicles

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Windshield Wipers Arm and Blade Conversion for Discovery 2

Go play in the mud with a clear view

A streaky dirty windshield is annoying and potentially dangerous. We found our wipers were leaving large streaks with the original Land Rover Discovery 2 wipers, but we found the perfect solution for a streak free windshield.

Water on windshield

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Suspension - Out with the Air and In with Coils

It's all about the ride

Our Disco 2 came with the Original Air Suspension. If you are reading this you are likely aware this suspension will be a problem or already is having issues. We replaced the Air system with Coil suspension. We had to go through two Stuts, our first Brit Part Struts failed and we replaced again with Terrafirma. While going through suspension upgrades we found a squeak that was slightly driving us crazy, we finally figured out the cause and it was an easy fix! I’ve summarized the suspension process and steps taken below.

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Land Rover Discovery Interior Upgrades and Additions

Making our adventure vehicle a little more comfy and usable

As I started to think about what we have done to the interior of our Disco 2 it didn’t seem like a lot at first. But then making a list showed me how all the little things seemed to add up.

Enjoying an off-road adventure with all of our little additions to make a more comfortable ride Enjoying some off-roading in a Land Rover Discovery

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Land Rover Community Celebrates

Show & Shine in Calgary, Alberta

How many Land Rovers have you been able to see at one time? Today we got to check out over 30 Land Rover Defenders, Discoveries, Range Rovers and Classic Series. Get ready to see lots and lots of awesome Land Rovers.

Land Rover Show and Shine

Land Rover Show and Shine, great way to spend a day

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Auxiliary Lights for Off-Roading

Don't be left in the dark

Factory lights are okay, but aftermarket lights make life brighter!

We wanted additional lights for the back-country and we are glad we did! We replaced the standard headlights, covers and added 6 more lights to the bumper.

Auxiliary Off-Road Lights

4x4 Off Road Lights

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Extra Storage For Toys - 4x4 Roof Racks, Bike Racks and Ski Box

Taking more toys on the trip

Overlanding is about the journey and can be to any destination and in any vehicle. I love the unlimited and open feeling about overland adventures. Our adventures have changed over the past 4 years as we have had a family but we have made adjustments to our vehicle set up and lifestyle to accommodate our new reality. In order to go on our skiing, biking, hiking, climbing and camping adventures we need the space to carry our gear. Sometimes it is a lot of gear! We describe what racks and boxes have worked well for our vehicle and family size.

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