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7 Best Road Trip Activities for Toddlers and Kids

Keeping kids entertained on long journeys

These are some favorite road trip ideas that hold kids attention the longest based on our experience. We have a 1 and 3 year old so keeping them happy in the car takes effort but it is possible! We have found that we need to entertain the kids more on the highway than back-country roads. The bumps and turns of the back-country are often entertainment enough; our kids like to add sound effects, sing or just relax and enjoy the ride. Use our list at your own discretion as they aren’t necessarily the most common or usual kid car activities.

Road Trip Ideas For Kids

Land Rover Discovery road trip in British Columbia Canada, beautiful views and roads

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#1 Tip for Overnight Adventures with Kids

Essential for a successful + fun camping trip

Family overlanding and camping during the shoulder seasons with kids always makes me think about 1 thing in particular…

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